Homebrew Recipe: Biêre de Garde

approved on Flickr” href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/themarmot/3417575058/” target=”_blank”>Saison DupontI just brewed a biêre de garde yesterday, which is something like a French or Belgian-style farmhouse ale. This homebrew recipe was from one of Northern Brewer’s all-grain kits, which I have been very pleased with so far. The style is light and refreshing, a perfect summertime brew. What interested me in particular about this recipe was that it called for Wyeast’s #3725 yeast, a seasonal strain, which can be used from 70-80 degrees. That really is a summertime farmhouse yeast!

When I plugged all the ingredients into Beer Smith, I found that the predicted original gravity was a bit lower than I like, about 1.040. I knew I had some leftover corn sugar sitting around, so instead of saving it for a trashcan beer, I scavenged together a pound of it and threw it in the pot in the last 20 minutes. That bumped the gravity up to 1.056, so I expect I will get a 5.5% ABV beer out of this.

Something else that interested me was the use of first wort hops. I had read the term before but was not sure I knew exactly what it meant, so I did a bit of research. It turns out that this refers to adding hops to the wort as it comes out of the mash tun. Easy enough, I figured, and that’s what I did. I tasted the wort, as I always do, and am excited how this will turn out. Here is the recipe:

8 lbs Pilsner Malt
8.0 oz Honey Malt
1.00 oz Tradition Hops – First Wort with a 60.0 minute boil
1 lb Corn Sugar
1 package Bier de Garde Yeast (Wyeast #3725)

Northern Brewer seems to think this will be able to be bottled or kegged in two weeks. They are the experts, I guess, but I think I will let it sit in a secondary fermenter for a couple weeks just to let it clarify.

Saison Dupont by The Marmot.

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