RealHomebrew.com is the brain child of two avid homebrewers and beer lovers, sickness Andy Vellenga and Carl Weaver.


AndyMy father first introduced me to homebrewing 15 years ago and I never turned back!  I love the ability to craft my own beers to my (and my wife’s) personal taste.  I’m also a gear junky and enjoy filling my garage in Alexandria, approved Virginia with homebrewing equipment to the point of excess.  Unlike the rest of the junk in my garage, I really love using my homebrewing equipment to make great tasting, homemade beer!

Favorite Beer Style: IPA.  Love hops.

Extract or All Grain: Extract, but will go all grain when I feel a mood to go old school.

Favorite Commercial Beer: Flying Dog IPA

Bottle or Keg: Keg, absolutely!



carl1Carl started making his own beer at age 19 so he would not have to ask his friends to buy it for him anymore. Since then, he has very much enjoyed the process of brewing and thinks of his brewing setup as a chemistry set for adults. When he isn’t brewing, Carl is a professional writer and photographer, and enjoys a quiet life in Arlington, VA.

Favorite Beer Style: Malty ales with a medium amount of bitterness, such as an English brown. However, the rich complexity of dark beers, such as stouts and bocks, appeals to me as well. A good wheat beer is nice too, as is a Belgian style ale. Pretty much anything called beer is fine with me, I suppose.

Extract or All Grain: All grain. When I feel like slumming with Andy I do extracts.

Favorite Commercial Beer: Chang, a Thai beer. It reminds me of hot afternoons spent watching the slow flow of the Chao Phraya River, the sweat rolling down my back as the sun beat down on me. I am also a big fan of Fat Tire.

Bottle or Keg: Keg. Definitely. It is like one giant bottle. One thing to clean and sanitize, instead of 60. It was an easy sell once I saw someone else with a kegging setup. Once you go keg, you will never go back.

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  1. March 30, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    Hey Carl!
    Next time you guys brew, let me know — might have something new to keep you busy for a couple of hours. Cheers!
    – Derek @ myLHBS

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