Easiest Homebrew Recipe: Munton’s Irish Stout

This is the easiest homebrew beer recipe you will ever make. Andy gave me a can of Munton's Irish Stout a month or so ago and I put it in the closet until just recently, mind
when I finally decided to make it. I had never used this sort of product before. Granted, sale
I am a fan of extract brewing, information pills
but this is an extract that is pre-hopped and contains everything you need to make beer. These cans even come with yeast but this particular one had sat around for a while, so I threw out the yeast that was included and purchased a fresh package of ale yeast from CornyKeg.com.

There was actually one addition I had to make – a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of what Munton's called "brewing sugar." I read the package insert and took it to Maryland Homebrew to get their take on this mystery ingredient. I had never heard of something as generic as brewing sugar before, and neither had the fellow I talked to, but he said it was probably just to give the fermentation a boost, and suggested I get some corn sugar, also known as dextrose. This is a light sugar that will not add much body but will increase the alcohol content of the beer, which is not a terrible thing, I suppose. I forgot to take an initial specific gravity reading with my hydrometer, so I will not be able to accurately measure the alcohol level, but I am hoping for something not too strong, maybe low enough to be a good breakfast stout.

This recipe makes 6 gallons, making it a bit different from the other recipes we have here, so be sure that your fermenter is big enough to handle this amount.

Here are the basic instructions:

  1. Use a can of Munton's Irish Stout extract, which is prehopped and has everything in it you will need. Let the can sit in a pot of hot water so it will be easy to pour once you open it.
  2. Pour the contents in your sanitized fermenter.
  3. Add a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of corn sugar.
  4. Mix in a gallon or two of boiling water to dissolve everything.
  5. Fill up your fermenter to six gallons with cold water.
  6. Add the yeast.
  7. Transfer to a secondary fermenter if you choose to after about a week (highly recommended).
  8. Use about 3 oz. of priming sugar.
  9. Bottle and enjoy!

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  1. August 16, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    I’ve been looking for some stout recipes for visitors who love oatmeal stouts. You have a great list of topics here and was wondering if it would be ok to share these resources with my readers? By the way do you prefer to bottle condition your stouts or place in a ”homebrew keg?

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