How to Homebrew: The Basics of Homebrewing, Part 2

In this video Andy shows us the basics of how to homebrew and walks us through the recipe and process of how to make an American amber ale. Tapping into his years of experience, troche
he breaks down the seemingly complex process of brewing beer into a series of easy-to-follow steps. Part 2 of 2. More great videos are coming that will help you learn about beer brewing.

As promised, health system
here is the recipe from the video:

American Amber Ale

Base Grain: 6.6 pounds pale malt extract

Specialty Grain: 1.0 pound 60L Crystal Malt (milled)

Bittering Hops: 2.0 ounces Cascade Hops (pellets)

Finishing Hops: 1.0 ounce Cascade Hops (pellets)

Yeast: 1 packet freeze-dried ale yeast

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