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Homebrew Recipe: Belgian Tripel

Homebrew Recipe: Bourbon Barrel Porter

Hi Andy & Carl: Just came across your blog – a great find! I am contacting you from a company called The FastRack. We have made a product that has taken over the homebrew market in the past 12 months.…

Homebrew Recipe: Sweet Stout for Christmas

Homebrew Recipe: Thai Style Light Lager

https://twitter.com/HancockJM/status/223196742408081408 Loyal follower and beer lover J.M. Hancock asked me whether it was possible to make a lite homebrew beer, adiposity and whether it was heresy to even ask such a question. First of all, no it is not heresy.…

Homebrew Recipe: Biêre de Garde

Homebrew Recipes of our Founding Fathers: Benjamin Franklin

Homebrew Recipes of our Founding Fathers: George Washington

Homebrew Recipe: Pants-Optional Pilsner

Homebrew Recipe and Review: Mountmellick Brown Ale

Remember the easiest homebrew recipe I published a while back? It turned out okay but not great. Drinkable but not exciting. I was at the homebrew shop not too long ago and saw a can of Mountmellick Brown Ale. Similar story here…

Homebrew Recipe: $12 (or so) Cream Ale