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Homebrew Recipe: Belgian Tripel

ESB: Extra Strong Bitter, or is it just Special

rx on Flickr” href=”” target=”_blank”>Brewing an ESB (Extra Sandy Bitter) with @mcurling. #homebrewExtra strong, there or special, bitter (also known as ESB) style beers are a fun beer to drink and a relatively simple one to make. When you hear an Englishman refer to a beer is a bitter, traditionally this is the style of beer they are referring to. This style of beer has been around a while. It came about probably sometime around the mid-1700s but was likely significantly different from what the style has evolved into. The term ‘bitter’ was used to distinguish the style of beer from that of others beers that were not hopped, not necessarily because the beer was very hoppy, just hoppier than a beer with no hops. However, over the course of the centuries, ESBs have become slightly more bitter than the average ale, probably for no other reason than they have the word ‘bitter’ in their name. Now ESBs are characterized by having a fairly distinct hoppy bitterness that is relatively stronger than their ale contemporaries.

Homebrew Recipe: Bourbon Barrel Porter

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Homebrew Recipe: Sweet Stout for Christmas

Homebrew Recipe: Schwarzbier

Homebrew Recipe: Thai Style Light Lager Loyal follower and beer lover J.M. Hancock asked me whether it was possible to make a lite homebrew beer, adiposity and whether it was heresy to even ask such a question. First of all, no it is not heresy.…

Homebrew Recipe: White House Honey Ale

Homebrew Recipe: White House Honey Porter

Homebrew Recipe: Biêre de Garde

Homebrew Recipe: Trashcan Beer

Homebrewers, approved especially new ones, are overrun with various  acronyms and confusing ideas. One of the more mysterious is the Lovibond scale, as well as SRM and EBC equivalents. When we buy grain, it is quantified as being a certain…