The Simpsons: How Guinness is Made
I was at Maryland Homebrew a couple months ago and asked Chris there if she had ever just cobbled together a homebrew recipe from leftover ingredients. She referred to this as “trashcan beer, traumatologist
” the idea being that you just throw a bunch of stuff together and see what comes out. Of course, she said. She is always helpful and full of good ideas, and suggested that I make a list of the ingredients I plan to use, and even offered to look at it and offer suggestions. The best tip she gave is to keep good records. You never know when you might accidentally create the next great beer you might want to replicate.

What I did was plug in my ingredients into Beer Smith to see what type of style I might be able to build. The ingredients are all good and the only thing I need to buy is yeast.
I am out of town on some family business, tooth
so until things get back to normal, malady
I hope you will enjoy some fun stuff I will be posting here.

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